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Atlantic DWI Services is a North Carolina approved DWI provider that can assist with restoring your driver’s license, treat substance use disorders, and address other substance or mental health related needs.  Call us to schedule your appointment!


The DWI treatment process consists of obtaining an Assessment. The assessment process takes about an hour. There are several forms that you need to bring with you: citation, proof of BAC (Blood Alcohol Content), ID/Driver’s License, final judgment (if already convicted) and a driving record.  You will have received your citation and proof of BAC during the event leading to the DWI charge/conviction.  We can assist you in locating forms and supporting documents and you can also refer to Frequently Asked Questions.

Once you have completed your assessment, a treatment recommendation will be made. Your counselor will review the level of treatment, the time frame, payments and expectations for completion. We are a treatment facility and our goal is to help you!  We will coordinate with your lawyer, probation/parole office, or other treatment provider at your request.

Atlantic DWI Services can assist you with scheduling your assessment and provides ADETS, short term, and longer term treatments. We also provide out of state reviews.  ADETS (Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School) is a 16 hour program that uses a nationally accredited curriculum, Prime for Life.  Short Term treatment ranges from 20-30 hours and Longer Term Treatment ranges from 40-60 hours.  Treatment is generally provided in group settings, in three hour blocks, over a one to two month period (depending on your recommendation at the assessment). Our detailed schedule is available on the Calendar tab.  Treatment focuses on education of how substance use disorders develop, their severities, the mind/body effects and connections, resources within the community, and much more. Visit our Treatment Tab for details and pricing.

We understand that your life awaits you, we are here to help.  Schedule with us today!


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