FAQ Resources:

How long does the assessment process last?

The assessment usually lasts about an hour. We use a standardized test and a clinical interview to gather as much information as possible in a short time.

Does my assessment expire?

Yes, your assessment will expire in 6 months. If treatment is not started within the six month period, another assessment is required.

Where can I start my treatment?

You can start your treatment with the facility you were assessed or you can attend treatment with another provider. A list of providers is available on the state’s website: http://www.ncdmh.net/providerlist/FacilityList.idc

What can I expect from treatment?

Short and Longer Term Treatment consists of psychoeducational groups. A licensed professional will provide information on different types of substance issues and their effects on the physical and emotional functioning.

Where can I get my Final Judgment (form 310)?

You can obtain a copy of your judgment from the Clerk of Court in the county that held the hearing.  The copy is free of charge, however requires an ID to obtain it.

Where can I get a copy of my Driving Record?

You can purchase a copy of your driving record at http://ncdot.gov/dmv/online/records/ and bring it to your assessment. This driving record must be within two weeks of the scheduled assessment date.

What If I do not have my ID/Driver’s License number?  

You can apply for an ID at your local DMV Office. We can assist you with obtaining your ID/License Number, which takes about two weeks.

What is an E508?

An E508 is an electronic form that notifies the State of what type of treatment is recommended and when treatment has been completed.



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